“Empower Yourself Through Self-Love and Self-Care” Guest Post by Deeksha Tripathi


Deeksha’s Bio:

This post has been authored by Deeksha Tripathi, a blogger from India. She is a teacher, mom of a toddler, and owner of wonderfulwomen.in where she writes real-life, inspirational stories of women who have made a difference to the world.


Empower Yourself Through Self Love and Self Care

Women are the most beautiful creations of God. They are sensitive, caring, compassionate, loving and loyal. They give their best to all roles of their life- daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, and mother. It’s women who give birth and even after bearing so much pain, smile at the very first sight of their baby! I’m sure if men had to give birth, they would have never gone for a second child. A woman’s entire life revolves around taking care of others- her husband, her kids, her household, her parents and even the parents of her husband. That’s why I say, all women are super-women! They are too good at multi-tasking and handling everything under the sun single-handedly. But because of this pressure, they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. If we talk about women empowerment, it must start with the women loving themselves and taking care of themselves. We women must realize and admit the fact that if we don’t love ourselves, we cannot love others. Similarly, if we don’t care for our own self, how can we take care of others? So, as it is said, ‘Charity begins at home.’ In the same way, Love and Care begin with Self and Self-care. Let’s see how can we love ourselves and take care of ourselves.

Maintain A Routine

Try to maintain a regular schedule for everything you do; especially the time to wake up and to go to bed. Make sure never to skip your breakfast even on the busiest day. Try to take lunch, evening tea, and dinner too at approximately the same time every day. Don’t forget to take breaks in between your tight schedule to just stand idly in your balcony or garden to look around and appreciate the beauty of nature. Feel yourself a part of the beautiful universe created by God and love your existence.

Watch What You Eat

Many times as we are just too busy to eat, we don’t eat what we should actually eat. We just stuff our tummy with whatever we get when we are peckish and thus unintentionally overlooking our nutritional needs. So try to always focus on the nutritional value of the food you are sending inside your stomach. The best way to do this to keep all snacks in your house which are high on nutrition like high fiber wheat biscuits, ready-to-cook oats, salted dry fruits, flavored corn flakes, multigrain chips etc. in addition to lots of fresh fruits and fruit juices. These will satisfy your hunger pangs without doing harm to your body.

Do Regular Workout

Being regular in workouts is the key to a fit body and a healthy mind. Whatever workout you do be it brisk walk, some tough exercises or dance, ensure that you are regular in it. The busy day when you don’t have time for a workout, try to do it for 10 to 15 minutes instead of skipping it entirely. This will not only make you free of the guilt of skipping your workout as well as actually do some good for your body.

Do Something You Love To Do

Every day we do nearly all the things to keep our family happy. We are on our toes to make them smile. It feels good to take care of our loved ones. We feel happy when we see them realizing their dreams. But too often, while we are busy fulfilling our family responsibilities, we don’t take out time to do the things which we would love to do like singing, dancing, painting, writing, cooking or any other such passion of ours which we don’t pursue due to lack of time. But I genuinely feel we are responsible for own happiness. It’s our responsibility towards ourselves to make ourselves truly happy by chasing our passion.

Give Wings To Your Dreams

Never let your dreams die! Whatever you want to learn, go ahead and learn so that you have no regrets at the end of your life. As a child, if you wanted to learn sketching, sewing, knitting, play guitar, hiking, swimming or anything else but couldn’t then don’t be shy to learn them now. Celebrate and enjoy every moment of your life. Live life like there’s no tomorrow. Life is too short and precious to have an unfulfilled dream.

I hope all you beautiful women reading this post, will love yourselves more and care for yourselves more after going through this post. I just wanna reiterate in the end, ‘You are Precious, value yourself and your dreams. You deserve to think about yourself and to love and care for yourself.’


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  1. “Give Wings To Your Dreams” is so true. However, are impossible dreams really achievable? I was told I dream too much and need to have dreams that are more grounded.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you can break your dream down into little steps, it’s feasible. It’s always good to have goals your striving towards.


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