Christmas, Sister’s Wedding, New Year’s, Anniversary… Time to Catch You Up!

Hello, readers! I know, stop throwing your rotten fruit, it’s been a WHILE since I’ve written on my blog! But never fear, Aleese is here to catch you up on EVERYTHING!!

Our last show before Christmas was December 23rd, and we went on the road right after the show ended around 10:30pm. After an eight or nine hour drive, we arrived at my parents’ house, and the festivities began!

My husband and I have an ongoing goal that we’ll switch which of our families we spend Christmas with every year. Last year, we stayed in Branson for the holidays with his, so this year we spent Christmas with my family. We were SO blessed to be able to do that.

Not only did we celebrate Christmas with my parents and siblings, but we also got to meet my sister’s new fiancé (now husband)! I’m the oldest of six, and Albany (the sister with the fiancé) is right under me. His name is Boston. And yes, they both have city names. I always teased Albany when we were younger that she’d marry a guy with a city name… Well, I must be a psychic.

Anyway, Christmas with my family was WONDERFUL! I wish I had more pictures, but my dad took most of them. Maybe I’ll make another post once he sends some to me. 😀 Here are a few pictures that I took:

The day after Christmas, we headed back to Branson to do another show on the 27th, but the next morning, Gwendolyn and I had to catch an early flight in Kansas City to make it to Albany and Boston’s wedding in Utah! Here are some pictures of us waiting to board the flight, and some pictures of the wedding:

Guys, I was SO grateful I was able to be at my sister’s wedding! They got married in the Bountiful Temple, and the ceremony was BEAUTIFUL! ❤ I wouldn’t have missed my little sister getting married for the world!

And that leads me to New Year’s Eve… I had to get back in time for rehearsals for our New Year’s Eve show! The rehearsals and prep took some work, but it was a fun show! We welcomed the New Year with our audience, and my sweet husband ran across the stage during our number so he could kiss me at midnight (I might’ve asked him to do that, but it was still sweet… ❤ ).

Guys, I want to write about my New Year’s Resolutions really quick. Maybe you guys can keep me accountable. 😉

1.) Read The Book of Mormon once every four months with a specific topic in mind each time.

-A little about this one: the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days challenged us in October of last year to finish The Book of Mormon before the start of 2019. I completed that challenge, and I felt so enlightened and excited to have read the story in such a short time, so I wanted to do a similar thing throughout the new year!

2.) Finish writing my book I told you guys about!!!!

3.) Write in my journal for Gwen regularly.

-Remember my post about how I have a journal I write in for Gwen that she will get on her 18th birthday??? Yeah, I need to write in it more regularly!!! ;P

4.) Maintain my weight and exercise 3x a week (in addition to the shows).

-Last year, I was able to quickly lose the baby weight from being pregnant with Gwen, and I want to keep it up before I inevitably get pregnant again! ;P

5.) Finish personal study for new church curriculum every week.

-Our church came out with a personal and family study guide for every week of this year, and I want to be consistent with it! Aaron and I also have a goal to stay consistent with it as a family too!

In addition to all of my personal resolutions, Aaron and I were able to sit down and come up with some goals as a family. I recommend all families to do that! 😀

Now, I have to write about my wedding anniversary! On January 4th, 2019, just a couple days ago, Aaron and I celebrated TWO years of marriage! So much has happened in the last two years, but I wouldn’t have gone through it with anyone else. Aaron is an ANGEL to Gwen and me! I don’t know what I’d do without him! Throwback to two years ago:

Well… that about sums up what I needed to catch all of you up on! Thanks for reading!

-Aleese Hughes

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