Vacation Week!

Well, everybody… My husband has this ENTIRE WEEK off! Since I haven’t been in the show lately (I needed to focus on other things for a while), it’s technically not my vacation. BUT! The fact that my husband will have so much free time will be AMAZING!

We are going to see a couple shows here in Branson, go to Silver Dollar City, swim, have picnics… And Friday/Saturday will be the FIRST time Aaron and I will get to have more than 24 hours without our daughter. 😂😂😂

Anyway, I promise to keep you guys updated about our fun vacation week. AND I will post a ton of pictures! Heehee!

One more thing: My book Peas and Princesses has been re-released with the map of the world and a sneak peek chapter to Book Two! 😍😍 The PRICE has also been reduced from $12.99 to $9.99! Here is the link to the paperback: Peas and Princesses

Love you all! Thanks for reading!

-Aleese C. Hughes


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