More Updates!

Oh, my heavens! So much is going on, and I feel like I have accomplished a TON! So, as many of you read in my previous posts, you know I’m working on some novellas about the minor characters in my books to cover some more fairytales. Well, the first one is done (rough draft, of course), and book three for The Tales and Princesses Series is getting close!!!

There is so much more to say, but I actually have a couple videos that can do it for me! 😀

Alright, so… here is the cover for book three!


I will be doing a live stream of book readings on Instagram! And yes, I will be reading a couple chapters out of my own works! 😍 To watch them live, follow my Instagram handle: @aleesehughes  For those not on IG, don’t worry! I’ll be posting the videos after the fact on my author Facebook page- be sure to like Author Aleese Hughes on Facebook! Here is the schedule for the first three readings:

Monday, Sep. 23rd @ 3pm CDT: Reading of “The Tales and Princesses Series” Book One- Peas and Princesses.

Monday, Sep. 30th @ 3pm CDT: Reading of “The Tales and Princesses Series” Book Two- Apples and Princesses.

Monday, October 14th @ 3pm CDT: Reading of a never-before-seen chapter about Mildred Wallander’s and Prince Alexander’s wedding!

Stay tuned!! There will be more readings of future works, but you’ll have to settle with this list for right now. 

Now, it’s time for some pictures! 😀

Thanks for reading!
-Aleese C. Hughes

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