Finishing a Draft, Learning More About Being a Parent…and so Much More!

Hello, people! Okay, first of all, I finished the first draft to book three a couple days ago! Let the editing process begin…

You can pre-order book three and novella one (an extra story about a character from book one). Here is the link:

Order The Books Now!

Secondly, my daughter will be turning two in a month, and she is getting smarter and smarter everyday. And yes, I think she has entered the terrible twos. Don’t get me wrong! She’s ADORABLE and does super cute things, but I feel like I’m getting as much sleep as I did when she was first born. 😂😂😂

In other news, I am taking a two or three days off from writing my books COMPLETELY while a couple people read through my drafts for book three and novella one. And guess what I discovered? Taking a break is harder than I thought! I keep getting more ideas for my next projects and open my computer to work on them, but then I tell myself that I should rest. I usually write, on average, 2,000-3,000 words a day (sometimes 5,000), and I think it is important I give my brain just a little time to breathe.

Anyway, here are some recent pictures!






Janice Wallander: A Novella Retelling the Tale of Rumplestiltskin (Novella One of After the Tales and Princesses- A Set of Novellas)

3d (1)

Pumpkins and Princesses (Book Three of The Tales and Princesses Series)


Well… That’s it! Thanks for reading!

-Aleese Hughes

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