First of all, my daughter’s birthday countdown is still ticking away! She will be two in less than a week! I have some fun things planned, and I am SO excited to write about it on my blog! Stay tuned… 😜😜😜

So… Funny story! As most of you know, I am writing a series of novellas (mini, shorter books) called After the Tales and Princesses. These novellas are about some of the minor characters from The Tales and Princesses Series books. The first one is Janice Wallander: A Novella Retelling the Tale of Rumpelstitlskin.

“What’s the funny story?” you may ask. Well, I was under the impression that Rumpelstitskin was actually spelled “Rumplestiltskin.’ See the difference? I wrote it that way through the entire story AND it was written that way ON MY COVER!!! 🤦‍♀️Don’t worry, my designer fixed the cover, and I fixed everything else.

In other news, the novella is being released EARLY! It was going to be released October 21st, but now BOTH the eBook and paperback will be available THIS FRIDAY!!!!!! Novella Link

The eBook will be $1.99, and the paperback will be $5.99. I recommend you read the first book of The Tales and Princesses Series before the novella! Link to ALL my books: Aleese Hughes Books

I also added some more rewards to my Kickstarter- specifically for those who already own books one and two. Here is the list of ALL the rewards:

$10 or more (2 CHOICES): Ebook Copies of Both Books One and Two OR Ebook Copies of Book 3 AND the Novella

$30 or more: Ebooks of Books 1-3 AND the Novella

$50 or more (2 CHOICES): Paperback Copies of Books One and Two OR Paperback Copies of Book 3 and Novella 1

$75 or more (2 CHOICES): Be a Character in Book Four OR Paperbacks of Books 1-3 AND the Novella

$100 or more: Be a Character in Book Five AND Receive Paperback Copies of Books One and Two (You can also message me and ask for Book Three and Novella One Instead)

Be sure to click the reward you want before donating!!!!

If you haven’t donated and want to (or even if you have and you want to donate MORE), see this link: http://kck.st/31RlyDR

As always, thanks for reading!

-Aleese Hughes

Here are some recent pics:




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