A Much Needed Update!

Hello, hello, hello! Yes, I’m still pregnant! I’ll be 18 weeks along TOMORROW! A LOT of you have been asking for bump pictures, so… I finally did one. 😂😂 Yes, I’ve still been pretty sick. I would say, overall, this pregnancy has been a LITTLE easier than my first, but it still has been HARD! I’m just grateful for a doctor who knows my history and has put me on some good medicine!!👍🤰

I’m not showing a TON yet, but I feel like I’m getting bigger everywhere else EXCEPT my tummy! 🤣 Any other mommas ever feel that way this early??? 🙋‍♀️

We will be learning the gender of this little one on February 12th!! We’re SO excited! I feel like it might make things easier for me once I can start learning more about this little blessing and connect with him or her more. Do YOU have a guess as to what it is? Feel free to comment with your guesses!!

My writing, you may ask? I have goals, books WILL be coming out this year, but I’m not gonna lie: it’s been hard to do much. I’m working on it, though! Novella 2 and Book 4 will DEFINITELY be out before baby gets here! But what about performing, you may also ask? That has had to go completely on hold… don’t worry! I PROMISE I’ll be on the stage again someday!!😝📇❤️Gwendolyn is SO excited about the baby and has even felt it kick her (which confused her a hilarious amount). Yes, I’ve been feeling lots of flutters and they’ve just been getting stronger! 😁😁😁

Anyway… that’s all for now!!!!!!!! Sorry I’ve been so MIA! 😘😘😘

Thanks for reading,

Aleese Hughes

P.S. I WILL be sending out a long-awaited newsletter! Haven’t signed up yet? Click through: Newsletter



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