In Times of Turmoil

We are all currently experiencing history in the making. I know many of you have seen “Coronavirus” this “Coronavirus” that ALL OVER the place! I don’t want to add to the chaos and- yes- panic many of you are feeling, but my intention with this post is to bring hope to those who need it.

People familiar with me and who I am, including my loyal readers, know that depression and anxiety have been a constant battle for me my entire life. And I am not alone in this. My heart goes out to the entire world as we go through this trial, but my heart especially goes out to those who have been experiencing an increase in how debilitating mental illness can be. It’s hard to witness a pandemic that has caused so much turmoil everywhere you turn, and having to be cooped up at home can give one an increased amount of time to think and overthink about the many emotions he or she might be feeling. I know for me, it has been hard not to spiral into a depression that rips away my motivation and ability to take one day at a time with hope and joy, not to mention the panic attacks I have been trying to keep at bay.

No, I’m not necessarily scared about getting sick, but many of us have never experienced a world event quite like this first-hand. It can be overwhelming to be surrounded by negativity, toilet paper shortages, panic-buying of many things (including food)… The need and desire to be prepared for the worst can take a toll on  ANYONE!

Recently, I got to a point where I couldn’t ignore my feelings anymore and had a breakdown. But, once I calmed down, I decided to turn to the Lord. I read a quote somewhere yesterday that said, “Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow.” I believe that fear is an important quality towards describing what living on earth and being human is, so it is inevitable to feel this from time to time. God knows this, so He has put many things into place to help His beloved children cope with frightening times and anxiety in their lives. If we put our faith in Christ and God’s plan, I can testify to you that peace can be found no matter what the circumstance.

In a world where it feels like our regular lives have stopped, guess what hasn’t? God’s love and understanding. I’ve been seeing this go around: “Prayer is not cancelled.”

I want to reiterate, if it wasn’t clear before, that it is OKAY to be scared! I just wanted to share my tips on how to ease how overwhelming life can be. I am by no means an expert, nor a perfect mother or person, but I desire happiness for everyone around me. We can all do small things to help one another, and I think this is the perfect time to learn how to unite as a people and share the love. Something I am grateful for when it comes to this pandemic is how close I feel with complete strangers! We are all going through similar things, and I feel like that gives us each a unique connection and ability to further our understanding of empathy for one another.

Guys, it’s going to be okay! Just take one step at a time on ways you can protect your own family, be sure to start socially distancing yourselves (as much as is capable per your situation), and spread the love!

Thanks for reading,

-Aleese Hughes

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