Things We Can Learn in These Troubling Times

During these weird times of a pandemic creating a new “normal” for us, I have turned to the Lord many times in fear, gratitude, curiosity, confusion… But overall, I have plead with Him in my prayers to help me learn what I need to during this period.

Something I have noticed about this outbreak, things being cancelled, having to stay home, etc., is the connectivity I feel with complete strangers. EVERYONE has been affected in some way. Whether it be getting sick, someone you love getting sick, having to stay home, losing your jobs, feeling anxiety over the unknown… COVID-19 has changed our livelihoods. It is scary, it is new, but there is something comforting about the fact that we can all empathize with each other. I believe God is wanting to teach the world how to be better at caring for one another.

I want to elaborate on that… Many of us are not in a position to do a lot for others. Not all of us can donate money and food to those in need, but many of us are taking others’ health and safety into consideration by staying home and social distancing as much as possible! Not only do we care for ourselves and our families, but my heart is warmed to see all the people concerned for the health of everyone around them.

The few times I have gone to the grocery store, I have had more conversations with strangers than I’ve EVER had at one time. Pretty much everybody, myself included, wants to make sure things are okay for one another. I’ve received and given encouraging, loving smiles, people have respectfully kept six feet away, and it gives me hope for our society’s future.

COVID-19, and the tough circumstances due to the outbreak, transcend above politics and varying beliefs. The BEST thing we can do is unite as a people and get through this together!!!

Moving on from the topic of loving and supporting one another, my husband and I have also been awakened to the bad things that can happen. Not just now, but in the future. I believe that Heavenly Father is teaching us (and many others) that things like this can, AND WILL, happen, and we need to be prepared for it! Aaron and I have been making plans and goals for our future to better keep us safe and ready for any circumstance– physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I think that’s an important lesson for anybody.

I love ALL of you and pray for each and every single one of you as we fight this battle together. We ARE going to get through this.

Thanks for reading,

Aleese Hughes


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