One Month Old, Baby Blessing, and a Family Reunion


Did any of you know that time goes by really fast? Well, I do! Gwen turns three in less than three months, and sweet little Anna turned one month old on Sunday (she’s five weeks today). I can’t believe that my babies will keep growing up! It’s definitely a bitter-sweet feeling.

And that leads me to the baby blessing. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we come together to have a priesthood holder (usually the father) bless a new baby. We were very fortunate to have most of my immediate family, my husband’s immediate family, and two grandmas attend the blessing for Anna. Due to COVID-19, the baby blessing wasn’t able to occur at our local church building. It was different, but I am so grateful it still was able to happen! I am also grateful to have a husband worthy and willing to have blessed both of our daughters. And I am sure he will do the same with any more children to come.

Blessing Day Pictures:

My family was in town to participate in the Thomas Family Reunion this year. For those who don’t know, my maiden name is “Thomas.” 😜 It was so wonderful to see so many cousins, aunts and uncles, and my grandmother. It doesn’t happen often enough! I wish I had gotten more pictures of everybody, but I snagged a couple of my immediate family (and my daughters, of course):

In other news, I am 15% done with draft one of Book Four and 13% done with draft one of Novella Two! Woohoo! Keep an eye out because this is going to be a HUGE writing week for me.

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As always, thanks for reading!

-Aleese Hughes

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