About Me

I am Aleese Hughes, and I am many things: a mother and wife, an avid reader, a performer, and an author. I enjoy my time at home with my children and relish the opportunities to pick up a good book or write one myself.

Having grown up around theater my entire life, I have a natural ability when it comes to charming audiences while on stage. And the same goes for my knack to put words to paper and create stories that people of all ages can read and enjoy.

The fantasy genre is not only my favorite to read, but it is also what I write, including The Tales and Princesses Series, and After the Tales and Princesses- A Set of Novellas. Both of these series  are fairy tale retellings where I put my own, dark twists on the classics we all know and love. These stories include all the favorites, like Cinderella and Snow White, just to name a couple.




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