In Times of Turmoil

We are all currently experiencing history in the making. I know many of you have seen "Coronavirus" this "Coronavirus" that ALL OVER the place! I don't want to add to the chaos and- yes- panic many of you are feeling, but my intention with this post is to bring hope to those who need it.... Continue Reading →

Staying Motivated

First of all, I want to mention that the eBook of Peas and Princesses (Book One) is only 99 CENTS from today and all the way through next Thursday (October 11th)! There are lots of link on my site that can take you there, but I'll add it here as well: Peas and Princesses Link So, I have... Continue Reading →

Taking Time Off for Mental Health

Guys, sometimes life can get very overwhelming... And for me, I have struggled with anxiety and depression for a long time, which can often make normal life function very difficult to accomplish. Read my post Remember the Good to learn more about my past struggles and victories over mental health. Anyway, I've been dealing with some major issues mentally... Continue Reading →

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