Utilizing Our Talents

I sat in front of my computer for a while, trying to decide how to start this post. I'll start with the fact that I know God intends His children to cultivate and utilize the various gifts He provides. As long as it is according to His plan for each individual. A quote I saw today... Continue Reading →


First of all, my daughter's birthday countdown is still ticking away! She will be two in less than a week! I have some fun things planned, and I am SO excited to write about it on my blog! Stay tuned... 😜😜😜 So... Funny story! As most of you know, I am writing a series of... Continue Reading →

More Updates!

Oh, my heavens! So much is going on, and I feel like I have accomplished a TON! So, as many of you read in my previous posts, you know I'm working on some novellas about the minor characters in my books to cover some more fairytales. Well, the first one is done (rough draft, of... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Swimming ;)

Alrightio, people! Since Apples and Princesses comes out soon, I started Book Three a few weeks ago. I'm a few chapters in, but sometimes it's REALLY hard to feel motivated to keep going... hahaha. But I still enjoy it! The first drafts are the hardest part! I also wanted to share some cute pictures I... Continue Reading →

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