Life is Good

Hello, my wonderful readers! Lots of good things are happening, and I am feeling SO excited about what the future holds for my family and me. After a year of quite a bit of turmoil and fear of the unknown, I am starting to feel a certain peace and happiness with life and where I... Continue Reading →

Baby Number Two is A…

For those of you who guessed boy... Well... you were wrong! 😂 Baby Hughes number two is going to be a sweet little girl, and we couldn't be more excited! Of course, we would have LOVED a boy, but we are just as thrilled to have a second daughter. Gwendolyn (Baby Hughes Number #1) is... Continue Reading →

Vacation Week!

Well, everybody... My husband has this ENTIRE WEEK off! Since I haven't been in the show lately (I needed to focus on other things for a while), it's technically not my vacation. BUT! The fact that my husband will have so much free time will be AMAZING! We are going to see a couple shows... Continue Reading →

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